Thursday, 23 April 2009

Day 4 – Twitter Digest


A little late, but in order to make up for that, this post has been collated and posted whilst on a coach!

  • Good morning. Day 4 and I have just left home. With sunglasses this time. 7:04 AM
  • I am walking up Burnage Lane to catch the 42 to Stockport. Later on in the day I'll be catching a 43 and another 42. 7:06 AM
  • My itinerary for today is on my blog. 7:07 AM
  • On the bus on the short trip into Stockport. 7:27 AM
  • 7:34 AM
  • My brown tinted shades make it look much warmer than it actually is. Heh. 7:49 AM
  • - Bus service # 158... 7:58 AM
  • As predicted, I have to stand. For the want of two extra carriages. Absolute rubbish. 8:00 AM
  • Lord Adonis should have been made to spend his holiday riding back and forth between Liverpool and Sheffield #uktrain 8:02 AM
  • - At least this is a refurbished train I suppose. 8:11 AM
  • #songinmyhead in honour of Sheffield: Walk Like A Panther by All Seeing I; I Love My Life by Pulp 8:32 AM
  • - Bacon and egg sandwich al fresco. 9:17 AM
  • - Super tram! 9:24 AM
  • Am happy to report I am now #onthebus for the remainder of the day. Arrive Grantham 1855 :) 9:38 AM
  • Bit of a problem: camera battery recharge #fail last night. Will source some replacements later. 9:46 AM
  • - Single decker, new in 2008. 9:59 AM
  • So ends my brief sojourn to Yorkshire. In Derbyshire now: Dronfield to be exact. 10:02 AM
  • Local dialect update: thanks duck. 10:24 AM
  • - The famous crooked spire of Chesterfield 11:02 AM
  • The weather is so lovely here that I skipped a bus and will catch the 1118 to Worksop. 11:16 AM
  • I'm #onthebus arrive Worksop 1232. Standard 90s double decker. 11:23 AM
  • Sitting on the top deck front offside seat on an eastbound bus at noon on a sunny day in the northern hemisphere is a bad idea. 11:37 AM
  • Beware the Beast of Bolsover, for I am there. Old Nottinghamshire mining area. 11:49 AM
  • - Lovely roundabout in Barlborough 11:58 AM
  • Just seen: Dolphin Fish Bar, near Clowne Campus. Shurely Dolphin Mammal Bar? 12:00 AM
  • More food establishments in Creswell: Yummy Yummy, Crusty Pantry, Dolphin's Pizza & Grill 12:13 AM
  • Apologies to Dennis Skinner: Bolsover is of course in Derbyshire still. 12:14 AM
  • - Sherwood Forest? 12:29 AM
  • Roadworks outside Worksop. Been stood for about 5 mins. BT down a manhole. Moving again. 12:33 AM
  • Students of Robin Hood folklore will know that Worksop is home to Gladys and Snooker. 12:41 AM
  • I've not seen a lot of Worksop but need to catch the next bus. There's a river and a canal and Castle Hill. Oh well, next time? 12:55 AM
  • Lots of people #onthebus but no talk about #budget. Perhaps shows how far many people are removed from politics? 1:27 PM
  • My second route 42 in a day. Only a short 25 min punt to Retford, but left 10 down by my reckoning. 1:29 PM
  • We live in instant times, but you can't beat a bit of a think and a digest. So look forward to my smash hit Britain By Bus book... ;) 1:37 PM
  • Oh dear. I have made another boo boo. I got on the bus in the wrong direction and am back in Worksop. 1:48 PM
  • Two other people at this other bus stop nearly made the same mistake I did. Cos I have a day ticket, the driver didn't spot my error. 1:57 PM
  • So the mop up begins. I am really #onthebus to Retford this time. Arrive 1430. 2:07 PM
  • I'm unlikely to catch my original connection on the 96 which leaves at the same time as this bus arrives. 2:09 PM
  • The next bus is 1555 to Gainsborough arrive 1655. 2:10 PM
  • So catch the 1710 to Lincoln and the 1805 to Grantham arrive 1925. 2:13 PM
  • The next bus is 1555 to Gainsborough arrive 1655. 2:13 PM
  • - The Retford bus. 2:16 PM
  • Looks like I'm going to be spending 90 mins in Retford. Ah well - it's a beautiful day and the town looks pretty enough. 2:33 PM
  • Music in Retford bus station: Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now 2:38 PM
  • - Nice clean bus station in Retford 2:41 PM
  • - Something to pass the time 2:55 PM
  • - The Mattersey Boat 3:01 PM
  • - Thomas has six wheels you know. 3:04 PM
  • Retford really does look like a lovely little town. 3:18 PM
  • - 3:21 PM
  • The market square reminds me a bit of Newark, where I've visited before. 3:30 PM
  • Back at the bus station. Music playing: Take These Broken Wings (And Learn To Fly Again Etc) 3:45 PM
  • She's Got Betty Davies' Eyes 3:56 PM
  • I am #onthebus again. This journey is essentially for school kids in Retford returning home to villages by the Trent. 4:07 PM
  • Good grief, I feel like an intruder on this bus where everyone knows everyone else! 4:30 PM
  • There's been a water bomb explode on the bomber rather than the bombee. 4:33 PM
  • - View from the top of the plateau 4:42 PM
  • Despite the youthful exuberance, this really is a pretty route through small villages of red brick cottages. 4:44 PM
  • - 4:54 PM
  • Will I make the next 2 connections? Touch and go. 5:00 PM
  • - The mighty Trent 5:08 PM
  • Made it with a minute to spare. #onthebus to Lincoln, hoping to make a 5 min connection there. 5:13 PM
  • If I miss it, the next bus to Grantham won't be until 2045 hrs! 5:15 PM
  • There are 3 power stations in my field of vision, all with big cooling towers. 5:30 PM
  • I can see Lincoln Cathedral atop its hill in the distance. Good run so far, fingers crossed. 5:44 PM
  • - Saxilby 5:48 PM
  • Classic bus driver maneuver then: open doors at a T-junction for better right-turn visibility. 5:50 PM
  • - Wahey! 6:08 PM
  • Again, I made it with about a minute to spare. So all in, I will only be arriving in Grantham 30 mins late. Hooray for planning (and luck!) 6:18 PM
  • Best village name of the day: Boothby Graffoe. Even better than Clowne. 6:37 PM
  • Royalists drink in The Lion & Royal, Parliamentarians in The King's Head? 6:40 PM
  • Good evening Grantham. Pleased to meet you! 7:16 PM
  • - The Cake Shop 7:29 PM
  • There is catastrophe in the air. More later. 9:01 PM
  • To cut a long story short (for now) I have undertaken the first leg from tomorrow tonight and am stopping in Peterborough. 9:50 PM
  • Am at Wetherspoons having a commiserative stroke congratulatory pint. Or two. 10:18 PM
  • Three: couldn't resist the lure of Raspberry Fool by Caledonian. That fruity aftertaste - mmm! A real good treat! 10:46 PM


Busing said...

I hope the Mayor will meet you when you arrive in Brighton.

You must by now be quite exhausted.

JimmyMac said...

I'd settle for a nice early night! It's been a real adventure so far, I've seen so many lovely places, a few not-so-lovely places. An amazing adventure.